Spybubble Cell-Phone Monitoring Software FAQs

Spybubble Cell Phone Monitoring Software FAQs

FAQs on Spybubble

Q. Is Spybubble really undetectable?

Answer: Many potential buyers of spybubble are really apprehensive of whether or not spybubble is detectable. Nothing wrong in having such a concern as it leads to other consequences. The only intention of spybubble user is finding the truth and clearing the doubts so that one can accomplish a peace of mind.

Spybubble doesn’t create any icon nor generates any sound and therefore, the question of detecting the software by the user of cell phone doesn’t arise. Once spybubble is installed, it doesn’t leave any clue whatsoever and the only person who knows about this fact is the person who installed the software.

The vendors of this software also affirm that spybubble is undetectable because their engineers are constantly testing this aspect on a regular basis. Their endeavor is to provide their customers absolute control over the phone without any embarrassing situation.

Q. Does Spybubble record photos?

Answer: Spybubble comes in two versions namely spybubble standard and spybubble pro. The photo tracking feature is available in both versions. With the photo tracking feature, the software will upload all the photos taken by the phone. You can see the photos in your account on the computer.

If you want to take yourself  live pictures remotely using the target phone, you have to go far spybubble pro version. However, this feature is available in the phones driven by the android operating system only. This is a fantastic feature to track the surroundings yourself immediately.

Whenever you want to snap a photo using the target phone, just send an SMS , it takes the photo and uploads the photo into your account immediately. Now you can see the photo in your computer at any point of time.

If you want to make use of this feature make sure that the cell phone you’re intending to target is android based, and necessarily you have to go for spybubble pro version.

Q. Does spybubble work with non android phones?

Answer: As a thumb rule spybubble will work in all the smart phones. However, before buying spybubble, you are advised to check thoroughly whether the phone, you want to spy, is really compatible with spybubble software. In the vendor website, the whole page is dedicated to showing the supported phones which are compatible with spybubble.

You need to understand that spybubble is a software application. In order to run this application the necessary precondition is that the phone should be a smart phone. Spybubble is supported by all the smart phones, including iphones, blackberry, windows and android based cell phones.

Click the link below to see all the supported phones.

Q. Where I can download spybubble?

Answer: You need to go to the vendor side and register for one year license by paying required license fees. The license fees varies between spybubble standard and spybubble pro. spybubble standard cost you $ 49.95 and whereas pro version cost you $84.90. Once you register, a specific account would be created for you. Now you have log into your account to download spybubble software. that’s it.

Q. How often do the logs get refreshed with spybubble?

Answer: All the updates are shown on the member’s panel very quickly. It doesn’t take much time unless some other problem crept into the system. If the cell phone is switched off or the battery is down, then you will not find updated logs in your system.

Q: What are the instructions for uploading spybubble in iphone 4?

Watch this video

Q. How can I install spybubble on my girl friend phone?

Answer: The installation of spybubble spy software is very simple process and requires hardly one-minute time. In order to install the software first take the possession of the smart phone that you intended to spy. Once you possess the target phone, the installation and activation of spybubble software are a matter of few clicks. See the following the article;

How To Install Spybubble Software – Spy And Guard Your Loved Ones

Q. Please let me know how to install spybubble on blackberry?

Answer: Installation of spybubble on any smart phone is very easy, and you can accomplish this with very few clicks. If you want to know step by step instructions of installation spybubble on your Blackberry click the link below;

How To Install Spybubble Software – Spy And Guard Your Loved Ones

Q. Do you think it’s ok to use spybubble on your children?

Answer: This is a very sensitive question and needs to be addressed sensibly. Spying children activities, through tracking their cell phones, is amount to distrust between the parents and children. In general, this is not advisable at all as it affects behavior of the children, and parent and child relationship weakens.

It is therefore, always desirable to correct the behavior of child by Love and Logic. However, in abnormal circumstances, if all the positive efforts exhaust, use of spybubble definitely come to your rescue and certainly help you finding the truth. Please check the following article where some more light is thrown on this topic.

Should Parents Use Technology to Spy on Their Children?

Q. Can anyone tell me which the best mobile tracking software?

Answer: There are four market leaders dealing with mobile tracking software. They are spybubble, mobile spy, mobi stealth and flexi spy. All the software is most successful and survived the test of the time. Among these four, which is the best software is difficult to judge.

However, a genuine effort was made analyzing various aspects, including the features, price and market penetration and the results were incorporated in the following article. Click the link below and see yourself, which is the best mobile tracking software that is right for you.

Best Spyware Software for Spying On Cell Phones

Q. How can I trace my daughter’s cell phone calls?

Answer: Install spybubble on your daughter’s cell phone and activate it. Once software is activated you can trace all the phone calls, messages, phone book and host of many other activities. See the following articles for more information.

An Overview On How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

Q. Has anybody tried spybubble on other people phone? I want to hear my husband’s conversation?

Answer: Many people are using spybubble by installing the software on their spouse cell phone. If you want to listen to the conversation of your spouse, you need to go far spybubble pro version. In spybubble pro version, you will find two very advanced features.

One is called recording another one is environment recording. With the call recording future, you can record any call by simply sending an SMS message to the target phone. The target phone automatically records the call and uploads it to your account where you can listen to the conversation whenever you want.

You not only can record the call but also record the video with the environment recording feature. Whenever you want to record the video, you need to send SMS message to the target phone, and it records five minutes of video and uploads it to your account immediately so that you can watch the video.

If the target phone is Blackberry, you can use another advanced feature called call interception. This is a wonderful feature through which you can listen to a live conversation. It means, when there talking, you can also listen to the conversation as it happens.

If you want to use this feature first you need to specify your cell phone your number so that whenever conversation happens, the software will send you a secret message to alert you, and you can start listening to the conversation. This feature is available in spybubble pro version for Blackberry phone.

Q. Is spybubble legitimate?

Answer:It is very difficult to answer this question with simple yes or no. It is because different states are governed by different statutes. Obviously you must know the law of your respective sate and use the software in consistent with those laws.

Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) “installing such software without authorization of the user is a misdemeanor, and possibly a felony,” Going by the above provision it implies that installing the spy software in a computer without authorization amounts violation of privacy.

The above provision was intended to curb computer frauds. Spy phone software will be installed in the cell phone but not in the computer. The above provision, therefore, doesn’t apply in these cases. However, the state may argue modern smart phones are just like computer and try implicating under the above provision.

All the above discussion is based on the premise that in case the issue lands into litigation. However, the possibility of such consequences are rare simply by the fact that it is very difficult to prove such cases as there will not be any evidence for such arguments. Because you can delete the software at any time you want leaving no evidence.

If you desire a risk free situation you have find the creative ways to have ownership of the phone that you install the spy software. For instance, you can give a gift of cell phone to your spouse so that ownership lies with you and thereby you can install spy phone software without any problem.

Q. Is spybubble scam?

Answer: Read the following article;

Spybubble Scams – Be Aware of Complaints!!!

Q. Has anyone ever used spybubble to spy on someone else’s cell phone?

Answer: Spybubble software is available in the market for the last three years, and it has been successfully used by many people. Had this software not worked, as promised, the product might have vanished from the market long ago. Going by this premise you may conclude that spybubble really work. For more information click the link below.

When Does and Doesn’t Spybubble Work? | Unbiased Review

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